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Today about 2.4 billion people have their sleep interrupted frequently by the need to urinate, a medical condition known as nocturia.  For some it is not a big bother, but for hundreds of millions of people who visit the bathroom multiple times per night, this can be a very troubling and sometimes dangerous condition.

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Our Focus

The focus of Wellesley Pharmaceuticals is to help people sleep better with fewer or no interruptions due to the urge to urinate periodically throughout the night.

We are currently in development of Nocturol™ (also known as Paxerol®), a treatment for nocturia in order to reduce these bathroom visits and enable a more peaceful and healthy sleep.


Sleep Undisturbed

Nocturol inhibits the overproduction of prostaglandins with a low dose combination of acetaminophen and ibuprofen in an extended release formulation. For those who suffer from frequent nightly bathroom trips, Nocturol is designed to provide 8 hours of protection with one nightly tablet.

Our Goal Pipeline

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The Phase 2 double-blinded clinical trial of Nocturol conducted in New York City and Long Island, NY was recently concluded with record setting results and no side effects reported.

Our Science

Has Identified The Key

Our science has unlocked the key to inhibiting prostaglandins through a synergistic combination of acetaminophen and NSAIDs.  Ibuprofen inhibits production at the COX site and acetaminophen inhibits production at the POX site, both within the COX1/2 enzymes.

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